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In the Elk Mountains, September 2014

Current Projects


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I guess you could call this skiing ;-) on the Emerald Lake snowfield, August 2011

Meeting Abstracts

Li Li, Wei Zhi, Wenming Dong, Wendy Brown, Markus Bill, and Kenneth Williams 2019 Climate change on water quality: are we reaching a tipping point? EGU2019-7433 Abstract

Sutfin, NA; Rowland,JC; Fratkin,M; Stauffer,SJ; Brown,WS; Carroll,RWH; Williams,KH and Perkins,G 2017 Seasonal and annual shifts in the role of floodplains as sources and sinks of organic carbon. AGU Meeting Abstract

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Williams,KH; Li,L; Zhi,W; Brown,W; Carroll,RWH; Dong,W 2019 H42A-08 Stream chemistry responses to anomalous warming in a high-elevation mountain watershed: Coal Creek and the upper East River, Colorado presented at 2019 AGU Fall Meeting,PDF

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Wei Zhi, Li Li, Jason P Kaye, Wenming Dong, Wendy Brown, Carl I Steefel, Kenneth Hurst Williams 2018 Understanding Contrasting Concentration-discharge (CQ) Behaviors in a Seasonally Snow-covered Watershed. Abstract EP11C-2077 presented at 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C., 10-14 Dec. Abstract